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Campus Career Resources

Office of Postdoctoral Studies

The Office of Postdoctoral Studies functions as a one-stop shop for postdocs to access resources that enhance professional preparation and help translate skills into a variety of careers.

Careers Beyond Academia

Careers Beyond Academia aims to engage Ph.D. students and postdocs wherever they are in the job search process, from exploring potential pathways to experiencing possible careers.

Cornell Center for Teaching Innovation

The Cornell Center for Teaching Innovation assists graduate students and postdocs in strengthening their teaching skills at all stages of their careers. Throughout the year the center offers workshops and seminars discussing pedagogical content, certificate programs for teaching methodologies, and assistance for teaching or TAing.

Future Faculty and Academic Careers

Future Faculty and Academic Careers offers programming to help prepare graduate students and postdocs for academic careers.

Postdoc Leadership Program

The Postdoc Leadership Program runs annually during the academic year. It focuses on giving postdocs the tools to be effective leaders and managers in their professions.

Building Mentoring Skills for an Academic Career Certificate Program

The mentoring program runs annually during the academic year. It focuses on developing skills to become an effective mentor to undergraduate students, graduate students, or postdocs.

Individual Development Plan

You put a lot of time and effort into pursuing your Ph.D. Now it is time to focus on how to leverage your expertise into a satisfying and productive career. This interactive individual development plan (IDP) worksheet helps you to explore career possibilities and set goals to follow the career path that best suits you. Imagine Ph.D. offers a similar resource.

Business Cards

To boost your professional profile, you may order Cornell official business cards for faculty and staff. A stack of 100 cards starts at $25, with the price decreasing as you buy in bulk.

Cornell Prison Education Program

The Cornell Prison Education Program is dedicated to supporting incarcerated persons’ academic ambitions and the preparation for successful re-entry. Volunteer as an instructor to gain teaching experience while a postdoc.

Cornell Statistical Consulting Unit (CSCU)

The Cornell Statistical Consulting Unit (CSCU) is available to assist researchers with statistical analyses on campus. They run workshops as well as offer private consultations about your specific research problems. They are a great resource for getting any kind of statistical help, either before or during a project.

Cornell Libraries

Cornell has a large library system with many resources. To access subscription-only websites off-campus using the Cornell subscription, install the Passkey icon into your browser. In addition to books available for check out, the library offers the OverDrive app that allows for digital downloads of audio books or ePub books for tablets.