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Postdoc Achievement Awards 2019

Postdoc Award Recipients:

Danielle Eiseman, Iván Chaar-López, and Anaka Aiyar
2019 Postdoc Achievement Award recipients, from left to right: Danielle Eiseman, Iván Chaar-López, and Anaka Aiyar. Not pictured: Benyamin Davaji.

Excellence in Mentoring

  • Iván Chaar-López (Latina/o studies program and science and technology studies)
  • Benyamin Davaji (electrical and computer engineering)

Excellence in Leadership

  • Anaka Aiyar (applied economics and management)

Excellence in Community Engagement

  • Danielle Eiseman (earth and atmospheric sciences)

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Postdoc Spotlights:

Postdoc Award winners and members of the community outside the Big Red Barn at the award ceremony