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Postdoctoral Association (PDA)


The Cornell Postdoctoral Association’s vision is to create a strong and unified community of postdoctoral scholars across all schools of Cornell University. The association aims to encourage the exchange of ideas, concerns, and experiences among postdocs to increase their sense of unity and common identity as part of the Cornell family. By building a diverse and inclusive community, the association seeks to enhance their collective knowledge and skills, enabling them to achieve their goals. This collaborative approach supports postdocs throughout their time at Cornell and beyond, fostering an environment where they can thrive both professionally and personally.


The mission of the Cornell Postdoctoral Association (PDA) is to enhance the quality of life for Postdocs across all schools by serving as their representative and voice. PDA addresses pressing and significant issues, promotes dialogue by bringing together key stakeholders, and offers valuable information to Postdocs.

PDA Leadership

PDA Co-Chair         

Evelyn Ambriz, Graduate School

Anukesh Krishnan Kutty Ambika, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

Diversity and Equity Co-Chair   

Michelle Chen, ILR Labor Relations, Law & History

Elena Panizza, Molecular Medicine

Career Development Co-chair  

Renna Costa, Molecular Biology and Genetics

Viswajith Siruvallur Vasudevan, Biomedical Engineering

Social Committee Co-chair        

Xuan Chen, Cornell Lab for Accelerator-based Science

Rebecca Schmitt, Molecular Medicine

Welcoming Committee Co-Chair         

Jacob Coburn, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

Aarthi Rajesh, Baker Institute for Animal Health

Communication Liaison   Co-Chair

Magdalena Pajor,  Food Science

Joseph Waddell, Animal Science