A Weill Cornell Medical College research team has shown how next-generation genome sequencing can offer new insights and treatment targets in patients with advanced, treatment-resistant cancer.
When hunting and eating male katydids, different bat species locate their prey by listening for specific signals in male katydids' mating calls, according to a recent study.
On a new mission to probe Jupiter’s mysterious icy, oceanic moon Europa, three Cornell researchers have joined three scientific instrument teams May 26 that will be aboard the yet-named NASA expedition.
Engineers at Cornell and clinicians at Weill Cornell Medical College have created a comprehensive mouse model of exactly how colorectal tumors behave in real life, not just in a petri dish.
Graduates of the College of Veterinary Medicine will leave Ithaca for numerous locales, including 27 states and Namibia, southwest Africa, to practice medicine.
Prognosis: Enhanced student health and well-being from UHS' major expansion. And one surprise for the outgoing president.
Cornell Tech awarded five student startup companies with $40,000 in pre-seed funding and one year of free co-working office space in its inaugural Startup Awards competition.
Chinelo Onyilofor ’15, a dual major in chemistry and art history who will graduate Saturday, credits the liberal arts with expanding her combine subjective and objective disciplines to solve problems.
A Cornell study of food labels in dining halls shows that when people know the calories and fat content in foods, they lean toward healthier fare.
At the Cornell Institute of Fashion and Fiber Innovation spring symposium May 18, faculty, staff and students demonstrated cutting-edge fiber and material technologies.