A well-constructed resume reflects your career direction and how your education, experiences, skills, and personal attributes contribute to your goals. To prepare an effective resume, you will need to:

  • know what your objective is
  • assess your strengths relative to that goal
  • understand your target employer

The next step is to summarize your:

  • educational background
  • work experience
  • skills
  • qualifications

How Employers Use Resumes

Employers will:

  • Screen applicants and determine whom to interviewbased on how well their experiences and skills matchthe organization’s needs.
  • Develop interview questions about your experience.
  • Determine if you have demonstrated knowledge of thefield, organization, and position.
  • Evaluate your attention to detail and effective writingstyle.

Your Goals in Creating a Resume

You want the reader to be impressed by your resume and to offer you an interview. You should:

  • Analyze the job description to identify what skills, strengths, and personal qualities the employer is seeking. Write well-developed, results-oriented statements that draw a connection between your qualifications and those needed to do the job.
  • Write detailed statements about your accomplishments rather than merely listing job responsibilities.
  • Quantify whenever possible. For example, if your efforts resulted in increased efficiency, state by how much or by what percentage.
  • Select strong verbs that make an impact and demonstrate your level of responsibility. For example, did you “work on” a project, or did you “conceptualize,” “design,” and/or “implement” the project?
  • Use language that conveys your knowledge of the core competencies desirable for a career field or organization’s values. For example, “assessed profitability” and “evaluated options” are important functions in management consulting; “collaborated effectively” and “team taught” reflect ability to work with others.
  • Produce a document that is free of spelling or grammatical errors and is formatted so the reader can easily find important facts and information.